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Monday, February 21, 2011

"What was your inspiration for participating in RAW?"


This month I have joined a group of RIng a Week participants who have decided to write about the same topic. This month the question is:

What is your inspiration for participating in RAW (Ring a Week)? 

I participated in Ring a Day in 2010 and loved the interactions and friendships that I gained through it. I also loved the creativity it sparked in myself and others. I wanted to participate in Ring a Week, because of my experience with Ring a Day. I hoped to continue my creativity exercise, but with more time to execute each ring. So far I have enjoyed being a part of the group, but I would like to plan out my rings a little more. I have found myself only taking a day or two to make each ring instead of using the entire week to design and make the rings. I feel like I haven't used my creativity as much as I did in RAD, but I hope that will change as the challenge continues for me. 

Please take a look at everyone's rings  in the Ring a Week Group on Flickr.

My creation

Please take a look at everyone else's blog posts here:

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Your favourite winter meal/ recipe?" Potato Leek Soup

My Favorite Winter Meal is Potato Leek Soup
I love this soup.
It is from the Peach Tree Tea Room Cookbook in Fredericksburg, Texas. I have had this cookbook for probably 20 years.

Here is what you will need:
3 lbs of Potatoes
3 leeks or about 6 cups chopped
6 tablespoons of butter
6 to 8 cups of water or chicken broth
1 cup of half and half or evaporated milk
Salt and Pepper to taste
Garnish with sour cream and chives

And the recipe:

Peel and Cube Potatoes and Wash and Trim Leeks. In a large stockpot, melt butter and add leeks, lightly cooking on medium heat. Add potatoes and broth. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and let simmer until potatoes are tender. Approximately 45 minutes. Add half and half or evaporated milk and heat before serving. Garnish with sour cream and chives. 

What is your favorite winter meal/recipe?

I had fun looking for great photos of leeks:

Photo courtesy of

And here are the links to the others participating in this Monthly Blog:

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Etsymetal Blog Carnival: Non-Metal/Jewelry Creativity

Tell us about other kinds of art and craft you do. What other media do you work and play with? How often do you get to create? Does it relate to or inspire your metalworking?

I love to watercolor and do pen and inks. I mostly like to do floral designs. I am very inspired by Georgia O'Keefe and her bold beautiful flowers. I also like to draw with prismacolors and paint with acrylics. However, I haven't been able to make the time to do any of this lately. I would love to get back to it very soon. I do crafts with my daughter a lot. We make cards together and draw. I recently got out my prismacolors and hope to make time to draw a little with them.
Sometimes I create my jewelry designs from my drawings and watercolors. The picture of the flower(above) I adapted into the silver piece below. I really would like to make more time to watercolor and then see if any pieces evolve into  new designs. Most of the time I create a piece from a pencil drawing with the piece in mind, but I really like to be free to create a painting without the expectation of it becoming a piece of Jewelry.

Thanks for looking! 

Links to the others who participated in this Blog Carnival.

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